2018 Enrollment & Waiting List


Wait List Application

Sycamore Park Preschool is currently accepting applications in all classes for the 2018/2019 school year which runs from 8/30/18 to 6/12/19. If you are interested in a space, please submit a wait list application found below and Nikki will contact you when tours become available.

Please take a few minutes to submit a wait list application. There is no obligation to enroll and no fee is due with your application. If a space that meets your needs becomes available immediately or in the future, you will be contacted via email or by telephone.

*Each child must have a separate application
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Number of days you would like to attend school: (2, 3, 4 or 5):
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I would be willing to enroll on any days if my first choice is not available (yes or no):
What month and year would you like to start preschool?:
How did you hear about SPP? (friends, Yellow Pages, Internet search, SMMC or Other):
By checking below, I understand and agree that SPP will contact me at the numbers and emails listed on this application when a potential opening, either current or at a future date, becomes available. I further understand that no promises have been made to me as to the acceptance and subsequent enrollment of my child and that no money is due with this application. At the time of enrollment, a deposit equal to your child's first month’s tuition will be due to hold a place for your child. 50% of this deposit will be credited back to you on your first SPP invoice. I am solely responsible for keeping my waitlist application up to date with current information, and if the need arises will inform SPP of any changes in writing. SPP is not responsible if contact has been made and there is no response. Applications expire three business days after no contact has been made. This application is NOT a contract. Questions? Please contact Nikki at: 415-388-2654 or nikki@sycamoreparkpreschool.com Thank you for your interest in Sycamore Park Preschool!
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A confirmation email will be sent by the next business day. If you do not receive an email, please contact Nicole Cronin at nikki@sycamoreparkpreschool.com directly.
Thanks for the interest in SPP!
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